not a poem

This place used to feel like home to me
but something feels altered now
Changed when I wasn’t looking
Like I’m the stranger here

These are the same streets I grew up running
sneakers to pavement in the same fashion

Only I run a little faster now

Hoping that maybe if I run fast enough
I will run right back into the way things used to be
Before everyone grew older
Before everyone moved away
Before people died
Before everything changed
Before I changed.

My feet can’t seem to move fast enough
There is beauty in forgetting
There is beauty in remembering.

And this is where I am now

Anxious to once again see the streets that molded me
Straining under the weight of memories
Knowing they won’t look like this forever

It will keep changing
I will keep changing

Running further ahead
A little faster
The future starts to illuminate
My feet become lighter
YOU are there, but I can’t see you
And I wonder is it really so wrong to now be a stranger here?

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